On July 20th, over 300 inquisitive minds from the York and Toronto technology community came together  to find out about a technology that is going to have a profound impact on education, technology, and society – Blockchain.  The Blockchain meet up at York was the inaugural meeting of the BlockchainHub, an initiative from the BEST Lab, with many others in the  York University community, design to create networking, collaboration and research opportunities, between multiple different interest groups at York, specifically those in Lassonde, Osgoode and Schulich. BlockchainHub will connect those involved in Blockchain research, education and commercialization inside the university with the broader technology community, as York University builds innovative multi faculty initiatives to impact innovation in our local ecosystem, creating innovative impact for Ontario, Canada, and beyond.

The event included an amazing lineup of speakers from BlockchainHub, ICOs, Blockchain Lab, Blockchain Canada, Innovation York and the IBM Blockchain practice, including: Nilay Guyal, who is leading LaunchYU,  Henry Kim and Marek Laskowski, head of the Blockchain research Lab, at Schulich, Omid Sadeghi , Director of the BlockchainHub and Peter Patterson, head of IBM Canada Blockchain Practice, and commercialization. At the meet up, BlockchainHub announced the Blockchain Academy, a new educational program based at York, offering executive education courses in the various technical, legal and business aspects of Blockchain.

We are so grateful to all who made this inaugural meeting so successful. If you want to invite out more about the BlockChainHub, BlockChain Lab, BlockChain Academy or BlockChain Canada, please check our web site – where you can also sign up to find out about forthcoming events.

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Website: http://theblockchainhub.com/