On August 1st, Lassonde school of engineering hosted Vincent Tao, the chairman and founder of global earth investment group, accompanied by York’s president, Rhonda Lenton. The Group was given a guided tour of the Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence led by Richard Hornsey, the dean of engineering here at Lassonde. During their visit, they stopped by the BEST Lab to speak to some of the students about their startups. Nicholas Steele the CEO of Lyofresh, and Ernest Yap the CEO of Shapetrace presented their company to the team.

Dr. Tao having been a professor in the department of Geomatics here at York, was very excited to hear about different initiatives to make Entrepreneurial opportunities more accessible for students. The visit ended with a round table between, Dr. Tao, York’s president, Dean of engineering, as well as Dr. Andrew Maxwell to discuss new strategies and partnerships.