Lyofresh at Ontario Economic Summit

On November 8th and 9th, Lyofresh was invited to the Ontario Economic Summit as a guest of York University. The event focused on the topic of a heavy investment in our knowledge economy, the questions needed to make sure that we navigate through this changing economic landscape, ensure a strong work force, and maximize opportunity and growth in Ontario. The event gave Lyofresh the opportunity to network with influencers and entrepreneurs from all over the province, and receive feed back and advice from accomplished startups that are currently shaping the future of Ontario. York University president Rhonda Lenton gave a speech about equality and inclusiveness of our system, the role York University is playing and the role that government and businesses should work to support. “We would like to thank York University, Innovation York, and the BEST Lab for the fantastic opportunity and support we have received. We are always proud to represent York University, and look forward to many future events and opportunities to do so” – Lyofresh