BEST Entrepreneurship Prize goes to two sustainable solutions for ice & snow removal

On March 9-10, HackLassonde (Sustainable Hackathon for a Sustainable Future) hosted over 200 high school and university students from across Ontario. The hackathon focused on sustainability-themed projects and challenges.

Teams PlowPath and YURide were awarded the BEST Entrepreneurship Prize for the most entrepreneurial solution to the York University sustainability challenge, which was to come up with a sustainable solution for melting ice and snow. PlowPath built a simple, but effective web app that allows snow removal workers and other employees managing the removal system to see which roads are in most need of clearing.

YURide created a university-only rideshare platform that promotes environmental sustainability, student involvement, safety, and convenience.Technology is often created with the intention that it will be obsolete, or break down within a few years. Other times, products may be pushed to market before security features are implemented, without the awareness of the dangers to the consumer. We want to challenge this idea to weave integrity into the products our students create. Each project that we’ll be fostering will choose an area of sustainability, and teams will be awarded points depending on how efficiently they reduce consumer risks specific to their product.