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Prof. Andrew Maxwell in Education Panel at Queen’s University School of Business

On August 11th  Dr. Andrew Maxwell, Director of BEST,  joined an Education Panel at Queen’s University Business School in Toronto, to discuss the impact of data analytics on innovation in Universities. Other panelists were Dr. Wendy Cukier (former VPRI Ryerson University),  Dr. Ying Kong (Big data research and entrepreneurship education at Tsinghua University, China) and Eva Reddington (Mitacs).

The panel focused on the impact of data analytics in universities, and discussed how it would impact multiple aspects of universities, from how they recruit, to how they predict student performance.

And as an educator, and a technologist, Dr. Maxwell shared some controversial insights, highlighting the potential positive impact of data analytics on students educational experience, and the potential disruptive impact that such technologies might have on universities themselves.  He highlighted the potential for disrupting universities due to technological advances in broadband access, low cost devices and advances in big data/data analytics.

He also provided insights into how student education will be improved based on data driven decision making, access to lifelong learning and changing professor roles, to mentoring from content delivery. As he noted the combination of new technologies and novel business models, is a prescription for disruption, which will have a profound impact on students and institutions in the next five years.


You can download his full presentation here: