The BEST Certificate is a transcripted certificate that integrates multidisciplinary courses from different faculties at York University (Business courses at Schulich School of Business; Law course at Osgoode Law School, and Design, Tech and Innovation courses at Lassonde School of Engineering). The certificate is designed to teach, cater, and recognize student entrepreneurial skills and knowledge. In general, the skill outcomes of the seven mandatory themes can be broadly achieved through existing courses already defined in each degree with the addition of business and law themes.

Lassonde Students can complete the BEST Certificate in parallel with their General Education studies. The BEST Certificate helps students playing a greater role in the management of technological innovation in larger organizations or start their own ventures.


BSc & BA (Hons)

In order to fulfill the certificate requirements, students must take one 3 credit course from Innovation, Communication, Design, Professionalism and Tech Project themes AND must take all the courses in the Business and Law themes. Note that the Business courses would be counted as complementary studies.


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1. Innovation Appreciation for innovation and problem-solving
2. Communication Effective communication strategies to convey often complex problems and solutions
3. Design Awareness and implementation of design thinking principles
4. Professionalism Integrity, professionalism and ethics in business
5. Tech Project Utilizing technology to solve problems
6. Law Understanding and applying law tools like intellectual property and Contracts
7. Business Fundamental business principles for success and sustainability
8. Experiential(optional) Opportunities for experiential entrepreneurship

Enrollment in the Law 3591 Course:

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