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This week we will discuss the Open Innovation Framework , featuring insights from Dr. Kate Hammer, A Uk-based expert in collaborative creativity, inventor of storyFORMing and co-inventor of IdeaKeg.

This week we’ll look at the evolving story of CareSleeves. It’s a pro bono, proactive response to a PPE gap in the United Kingdom, founded by Kate Hammer. CareSleeves is creating a range of sleeved garments for care workers using innovative and technical fabrics in aprons, tunics and smocks designed with the ergonomics of caring squarely in mind.

Kate will speak briefly about how the CareSleeves strategy deals with concerns around product quality/regulations. As for the challenges CareSleeves has faced; Kate explains how the team overcome some of them and persist in the face of other, more entrenched barriers. Finally, Kate will speak about what the pandemic response has asked of her as a human being (and why she has no regrets).