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Who We Are

Ashna Solutions Inc. provides an AI-based parking management system for parking spaces of residential and commercial buildings. Automatic license plate recognition through image processing technology not only increases security and convenience for the residents and visitors but also provides the property management with real-time traffic monitoring and controlling capabilities. Our solution consists of three components, the on-premise hardware for recognizing plate numbers and opening the gate, a cloud-based server with machine learning algorithms to improve parking utilization, and finally a customizable dashboard for property managements to get meaningful insights and real-time analysis of their parking space.

Ashna Solutions Inc., since incorporation in 2018, has gained huge recognition in the startup community in Toronto, Canada. Our startup was named the winner of the BEST award at Schulich Startup Day in 2018. It was also been featured by the City of Toronto for its innovative solution to the parking management problems in GTA. Read more at StartupHere Toronto.

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Our Team

Ali KhaliliFounder
Ali Khalili has an extensive background in Computer Science. He has worked at large enterprises such as SAP Canada and a couple of startups in Vancouver in the capacity of software engineer and product manager before joining Schulich School of Business for his MBA program. His passion is to join startups in early stages and help them grow into competitive markets. In 2018, he founded Ashna Solutions Inc. for solving a simple but frustrating parking management problem in metropolitan areas such as Toronto. He is now running the company in early stages and has grown the team to 6 people. His vision is to streamline the parking experience in busy cities such as Toronto in Canada.

Current Status

Building product for early adopter customers

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