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Eleway Laboratories has created a smart suit named the intellitrainer that enables individuals to strengthen their muscles while resting. Using cutting edge technology and a revolutionary new software, they provide personalized workouts that are recorded by fitness professionals, tailored by biomedical experts and delivered directly to muscles. Their goal is to help individuals recover from conditions that cause muscle loss and help build a strong body.

Our Team

Amir Jomehri
Amir is a varsity alumni athlete who studied Biomedicine at York University. As well as being a Canfitpro certified trainer, Amir is a licensed coach. Amir has worked with over 100 clients with numerous testimonials available about changes he has made to impact client lives. Amir is very knowledgeable about biology ad kinesiology having grown up as a high level athlete while spending countless hours in gyms with high level trainers from a very young age. Amir is also very skilled in networking and marketing having successfully created early revenue from MLM companies as well as owning his own businesses that are still in operation from the age of 20.
Dena Iezady
Dena is a varsity alumni athlete and the founder of ProSkills Private training. Dena is a recognized athlete, a licensed coach, 2 time national champion and League 1 cup champion who studied Kinesiology and psychology at York University.
Jeffrey Burton
Jeffrey graduated with distinction from the University of Waterloo in 2014 with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering. While in college he co-developed a brand new Kinectic based intelligent Workout Posture Coach. With his breadth of experience in electronic design for power supplies and Radon radiation measurement circuits, he acts as the senior designer behind the hardware of the Intellitrainer.

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