Project Description

Course Overview:

ENG 1102 course will cover: engineering design methodology; features and elements of good design with environment and human interface considerations; aesthetics in design and idea communication using graphics and technical drawings.

Course Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of course, students are expected to learn and retain the following concepts and skills:

  1. Formulate a design problem based on researching and understanding customer needs  
  2. Apply the engineering design process to conceptualize alternate design solutions to satisfy identified customer needs
  3. Develop acceptable design solutions based on design rules, principles & guidelines (e.g., design for quality, ease of manufacturing, environmental sustainability)
  4. Compare alternate design solutions against a framework developed using engineering design principles (e.g., Axiomatic design approach)
  5. Evaluate solutions, using a variety of contexts: ergonomics, aesthetics, and basic commercial factors (e.g., cost and intellectual property)
  6. Create simple freehand sketches, pictorial sketches, and orthographic sketches to illustrate details of a conceptual design or a given product


This course provides an introduction to the principles & practices of engineering design. The three main themes to be covered are:

(1) Engineering design methodology;

(2) Features and elements of good design with human interface considerations;

(3) Idea communication using graphics.