Project Description

ENG 1500 – Innovation and Creativity

Course Overview:

This course will help you harness your creative potential by stimulating your own creative process, to develop ideas that create real value and  impact on society. It will help you learn how to and frame critical problems, identify and choose solutions that can be implemented. Completing this course will help you become an innovation enabler in any organization, and be better prepared to use your own creativity to launch your startup.

Learning Outcomes:

  •  Able to assess and enhance individual / team creativity, innovation and problem solving capability to improve creative outcomes.
  • Understand, deploy and know when to apply alternative innovation and  creativity tools and approaches to creative problem solving.
  • Apply the creative problem solving process to challenging problems.
  • Appreciate and identify creative problem solving styles in order to develop successful teams, or play different roles in the process.
  • Utilize appropriate assessment tools to choose between both different innovation / entrepreneurial opportunities and solutions.
  • Identify barriers to adoption associated with implementing innovative ideas and how to develop strategies to address them.

Content Delivery:

This course is designed primarily to be delivered asynchronously 100% online, with primary content delivered by world experts. The course is designed for high levels of student engagement, Individual and group activities that are primarily assessed through peer evaluation. The course also encourages user generated content and makes extensive use of both online proprietary and generally available content.

Course Modules:

1. Course Overview

2. Creativity

3. Innovation

4. Entrepreneurship

5. Creative Problem Solving Process

6. Problem Formulation

7. Solution Formulation

8. Choosing between Solutions

9. Innovation Implementation

Course Details:

Course Number: Eng 1500

Credits: 3

Instructors: Maxwell & McNamee

Pre-requisites: None

Offered: Continuously

Enrolment: Open to all undergraduates