Project Description

We are a reward, and equity based crowdfunding platform addressing a significant need in the emerging crowd financing marketplace.

Our Team

Mahshad SobhaniCofounder
Schulich School of Business
Ena KumbaradziCofounder
Schulich School of Business

Current Status

We are based in Tehran and Toronto. Currently we are building our prototype and proof of concept in Tehran and launching in Toronto in March of 2017.

Our mission is to help the Iranian and Canadian startup community thrive by helping startups:

  • Optimize their business model through our affordable and tailored consulting services
  • Raise the funding they need using our platform where they can connect with passionate investors and backers.

Our focus is on:

  • Startup’s with a MVP (currently telehealthcare, IOT, energy, nutrition, travel and fashion)
  • Backers: millennials, early adopters

Contact Information