Project Description

About us

MPN Prints is a Toronto based additive manufacturing company started by three 3rd year Mechanical Engineering students from York University’s Lassonde School of Engineering. Using our collective expertise in project management, engineering and design, we deliver high level professional service and expert quality at a competitive price with a quick turnaround.

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Mohammad Omidzad:

From simple parts to complex assemblies, Mohammad wanted to explore new ways to bring his designs to life. He learned how to create animations and simulations through Solidworks but in the end, it was not enough. From here, Mohammad invested in a 3D printer to take his design and prototyping skills to the next level. This is when Nick presented an opportunity to Mohammad to start MPN prints. At the same time, Mohammad started a position as a Project Coordinator at Modern Niagara and provides his project management experience to improve and develop MPN Prints.

Philip Huter:

Through using 3D design software at an early age Philip developed a passion for 3D modeling and creating functional parts. During high school he became very invested in 3D printing and its new uses in manufacturing. After many experiences in the manufacturing field, he wanted to explore that area further. When Nick presented the idea of MPN Prints Philip became very invested and searched for ways the team could work with companies exploring new manufacturing methods. With customer service and support at the top of their list, Mohammad, Philip and Nick set out to create their own additive manufacturing company, MPN Prints.

Nick Di Scipio:

Nick was always passionate about CAD design and using his engineering experience to design and create things, but the idea to start a 3D-printing business popped into Nick’s head last summer when he received his first 3D-printer as a challenge from his uncle to put it together and get it working for him. From that day, Nick fell in love with 3D-printing and wanted to get involved with everything additive manufacturing. For this reason he enlisted the help of his mechanical engineering peers and friends, Philip and Mohammad, to create a 3D-printing service that was as user friendly as possible while meeting the needs of all kinds of people across Canada. The day that the 3 of them came together, MPN Prints was born.

What we do

At MPN Prints we are much more than a simple 3D printing service. We have recently expanded from just 3D-printing submitted designs to running our own Etsy shop, MPNShop, and want to develop a filament recycling service that converts old plastic into usable 3D- printing material. Our team is heavily focused on delivering the best customer support and we strive to make sure each client is fully satisfied with not only their print but their experience overall. We offer a diverse selection of materials and colours that can be viewed on our site to add a personal touch to your prints. From consulting with students on how to improve their designs to manufacturing a large volume of industrial parts, see how MPN Prints can deliver on your next project.

Our Goals

MPN Prints hopes to continue growing our customer relations in our additive manufacturing sector as well as expanding our print capacity and filament selection. We are now working with the BEST Lab at Lassonde to create a filament recycling service to promote sustainability and reduce waste, where the excess or waste plastic from our 3D printers as well as anyone in our community is recycled and resold as a sustainable material choice to our customers.

What sets us apart

Our team has a strong emphasis on building healthy relationships with our customers and ensuring that no matter if they are an individual or an organization, our customers receive exceptional service and support. We ensure customers have assistance with their designs, print specifications and other logistics specially tailored to each order.