Project Description

Drones today are a multi-billion dollar industry revolutionizing many businesses, but they are mainly a tool for taking images and collecting data. We have created a new drone design to expand the applications into physical work such as: high-rise window washing, pressure washing, painting, and contact inspections. This work is currently performed by workers using rope or scaffolding to gain access to tall structures. Performing these jobs via drone drastically reduces costs and complete the job in a fraction of the time. Our core focus will be in contact inspection and we will branch out into other industries as the technology matures.

Our Team

Nikita Iliushkin
Nikita IliushkinFounder and CEO of VPT
Nikita is a recent business school graduate and working on VPT full time. During his time in university, he started several small businesses to help pay for tuition. He has been doing pitch competitions and business model competitions for years. His expertise has helped VPT place top 3 in several pitch competitions and his skills will be paramount in building the business in the coming years. From his business ventures, Nikita learned valuable concepts and skills like the lean startup philosophy, selling, and how to create value for customers. He brings in business skills from both inside and outside the classroom to make VPT successful.
Linar Ismagilov
Linar IsmagilovCoFounder of VPT
Linar has extensive expertise in working as a hardware designer and prototype expert with startups like Centaur Floor Machines, MakeLAB, PATIO Interactive. He first conceptualized the VPT drone design in 2013, and over the years, he invested hundreds of hours transforming his vision into a reality. Linar is currently studying engineering on full scholarship for demonstrating leadership, community involvement, and academic achievement.
Maksym Korol
Maksym Korol
Maksym is a recent Mechanical Engineering and Management graduate. His engineering education and experience pertaining to industrial design, manufacturing, modelling and simulation are pressing for VPT. He works to bring the next iteration of the VPT drone to life. Maksym also brings a commerce and engineering management background useful for bridging the gap between technical and business perspectives within VPT and outside of it. Beyond his education and professional experience, he is an avid creator and develops side projects in the realm of drones, robotics and automation. He is an extremely versatile member of the team capable of working at any face of the company.

Current Status

Building product to showcase capabilities