ENG 1101 – Renaissance Engineer 1: Ethics, Communication & Problem Solving


ENG 1101 - Renaissance Engineer 1: Ethics, Communication & Problem Solving Course Overview: ENG 1101 aims to answer the questions – "Who an engineer is and what are his/her ethical and academic integrity obligations?" It also teaches to develop communications strategies for technical subjects in oral and written [...]

TechConnect Engineering Capstone Course


Engineering capstone courses are the ultimate learning activity in an engineering undergraduate program, designed to teach students a variety of valuable skills linked to using technology to solve problems. The course should teach: teamwork, engineering design, problem solving, communications and project management. Unfortunately Capstone outcomes can fail to achieve potential, through solving poor [...]

MECH 6503 – Disruptive Innovation


Technological advances are able to create and destroy whole industries. Digital cameras assassinated film, online streaming killed Blockbuster and UBER is reshaping taxi services. This course develops concepts of how technology can create opportunities leading to new industries or disruption of existing industries. A broad understanding of several contemporary technology sectors will be [...]

MECH 6502 – Technology Commercialization


Market adoption of new technologies is of concern to researchers, interested in creating economic value from their research, and attracting research. However, technology utility, by itself, is not sufficient to achieve commercial success. This course helps technologists understand the complex issues around enhancing the value proposition of novel technologies, and overcoming barriers to [...]

ENG 1102 – Renaissance Engineer 2: Engineering Design Principles


Course Overview: ENG 1102 course will cover: engineering design methodology; features and elements of good design with environment and human interface considerations; aesthetics in design and idea communication using graphics and technical drawings. Course Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of course, students are expected to learn and retain [...]

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