Technion 2019 Experience

where you learn it, live it and launch it.

The Technion course is designed to offer an expanded learning experience through a unique approach to experiential education. Students form teams that develop shared values, and then engage in team building exercises to appreciate how to communicate effectively within a group. Each group is tasked with first finding an important problem to solve using technology, before using a series of approaches to work on solving the problem.

Students in the Technion course really learn the value of getting out of the classroom, engaging industry professionals and entrepreneurs who share their startup experiences (both successes and failure).

It is truly the essence of the “Renaissance Engineering” ideal at Lassonde.

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The Technion-Lassonde trip is a three-week intensive entrepreneurial training program where you’ll learn it, live it and launch it.
Learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, one of the world’s top universities for entrepreneurship and innovation.
Live the life of an entrepreneur visiting start ups and incubators across Israel, often called the “Start Up Nation”.
Launch your own entrepreneurial ventures with your fellow Lassondians in the program and pitch to judges in Israel and back in Toronto.

Why go all the way to Israel to learn about entrepreneurship? Because it’s one of the world’s most entrepreneurial societies, with Technion providing the brains and the ideas that are driving the tech sector.

The Technion program gave me the opportunity to grow as an aspiring entrepreneur, as well as to grow as a person with new perspectives on life and new experiences to fuel my ambitions on this planet, and beyond.

Shenalie Fernando, Student

“How is it that Israel – a country of 7.1 million, only sixty years old, surrounded by enemies, in a constant state of war since its founding, with no natural resources – produces more start-up companies than countries ten times more powerful than it?”

Dan Senor, “Start-Up Nation-The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle”

It’s like learning magic from Albus Dumbledore, straight from the horse’s mouth. We visited various start-up companies and met many CEOs, stunned by their simplicity and passion for their work. No one cared about wearing formal clothes or working in a fancy workplace; all they cared about was their company and the people they worked with. All they cared about was their dream. This is one reason Israel is ahead of other nations: people dream big and they believe in their dreams. And, if they fail, they dream again.

Amal Dave, Student

Course Details

Course Number: ENG 3033, 3.0 credits
Academic Term: Summer
Provisional dates: Bootcamp: Mid May to mid June
Partners: Technion- Israel Institute of Technology & York University
Prerequisite: Open to all Lassonde, Science, Health and Schulich students

How to Apply?

Every Lassondian is eligible to apply to be one of the 25 students selected for the Lassonde-Technion Summer Program. Application is by a competitive process. You must complete and submit the application form. If your application is successful, we will invite you for a short interview.

Only qualified students are allowed to register for the course.

2019 applications are now open, please fill out the following application form.


For more details, contact bestlab@lassonde.yorku.ca or drop in to the BEST Lab (Room 215, Bergeron Centre)