On August 3rd and August 9th, BlockchainHub the initiative at BEST Lab hosted meetings for Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies for ladies.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies for Ladies” series at BlockchainHub has been created for the ladies who have heard about all the hype around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and interested in learning more about it in a friendly environment.

Our group is different from the other ones, as we not only gather to sit around and talk about a blockchain, but we teach you everything we know in a classroom format and answer any questions you might have. We give you a real knowledge about this powerful technology that you will be able to use right away in your investments, business, and employment.”

– Elena Sinelnikova, co-organizer

During these two sessions, the basics of block -chain were introduced. The following topics were also discussed:

Wallets and crypto exchanges (Part 1)

         What is a wallet

         Bitcoin wallets – desktop, web, mobile, paper

         Ethereum wallets – desktop, web, mobile, paper

         Hardware wallets

         Third party wallets

         What is a cryptocurrency exchanges

         How to buy and sell cryptocurrency at most popular North American exchanges

For those who are interested in learning more; use the below link to join the closed Facebook group and Meetup group and sign up for the next events: