Professor Maxwell Presented at Dr. Tao’s Workshop

On October 19th, Dr. Vincent Tao returned to campus to receive his Honorary Doctor Degree and be recognized for his academic and entrepreneurial achievements. As part of this special day, Dr. Tao hosted a special research workshop on the latest research works in Geomatics Engineering and Technology Commercialization.  One of the presenters was Dr. Maxwell, Director of BEST, who commented on the  need to change the way we approach University Technology Commercialization, currently characterised by low commercialization success rates, a discouraging commercialization culture, and a lack of resources to support technology entrepreneurship. He then discussed some of his ‘TechConnect” research, which has led to  the formal adoption of solutions seen to be both  Technology-Driven and Customer-Centric. His presentation discussed the need to use  a more formal Creative Problem Solving Process to diverge and converge on optimum routes to commercial success. His presentation was well received by the audience and especially by Dr. Tao, with graduate students learning that they could be exposed to more of Dr. Maxwell research by taking his graduate course in technology commercialization, or through joining the BESTLab.  At the end of the session, Dr. Maxwell invited Dr. Tao to return to campus in the new year to give the Mercier lecture.