On March 7, C-Lab at The BlockchainHub based in BEST Lab organized the “Blockchain Startup Competiotion” where Blockchain start-ups presented their grounbreaking ideas to a panel of renowned judges and industry experts coming from all across Canada.

What is C-Lab?

The C-Lab program is the first peer-to-peer community based incubation program for Blockchain start-ups.

C-Lab supports visionary entrepreneurs providing disruptive solutions to real-world problems using Blockchain technology. Through a 3-month-program, to help them establish their venture, design their customer centric product, develop their blockchain solution and access to investment options and grants.

C-Lab empowers entrepreneurs by providing access to BlockchainHub partner organizations, a community of 1800 Blockchainers and 15000 entrepreneurs across the Greater Toronto Area.

Project Lead:
Mohamed EL KANDRI (The BlockchainHub)

Andrew Maxwell – Director BEST at York University
Vivek Chandra – Fintech expert, former VP payments and international Banking at Scotiabank
Nilay Goyal – Entrepreneurship Manager LaunchYU
Amy Ter Haar – President of Integra Canada
Paul Liu – Chair Fast Access Blockchain Foundation

Loop Systems

Loop is a cloud based freight forwarder that improves global the trade experience by increasing visibility and providing better communications across different parties within the supply chain. Loop uses the hyperledger fabric to record location and time data points and creates an avenue for decentralized shipping documentation.

Trust 2 Pay
Trust 2 Pay is developing a social credit system on a blockchain that will empower people to prosper by earning informal credentials about their authentic self and social worth. ReliablyME is the universal platform that will allow any application to boost user engagement by incorporating interoperable commitments tracking and recognition functionality.

Today, there are 2 billion people around the world who remained unbanked. The majority of these people have no financial identity because they lack basic documentation to access banking. The solution is POKET: the first blockchain-based mobile wallet for the emerging world. POKET uses biometrics, blockchain and location-services to create a completely decentralized, peer-to-peer network for exchanging cash and digital currency. Our goal is to allow the next 2 billion to leapfrog the traditional financial system and go straight to mobile banking.