The BEST initiative consists of:

  • Entrepreneurial and innovative content delivered in undergraduate/graduate courses
  • Specialist undergraduate/graduate/executive courses by Lassonde and other faculties
  • Co-curricular campus wide entrepreneurial activities on campus and in the region
  • Access to space, technology, resources and finance for qualifying entrepreneurs
  • Excellence recognition programs, including Badges, Awards, Certificates and Fellowships
  • Research activities to enhance and disseminate innovation/technology entrepreneurship

BEST Objectives:

  • To encourage engineering/other students at York to engage in entrepreneurial activities
  • To provide academic tools, experiential opportunities and resources to interested students
  • To enrich the Lassonde experience for students both while at York and as alumni
  • To enhance the reputation of Lassonde/York for innovation and entrepreneurship
  • To engage with alumni and the innovation eco-system to boost opportunities for graduates
  • To attract private and government funding to scale up activities and increase impact


Advisory Board:

The BEST Advisory Board is an informal organization of experienced technology entrepreneurs and those working with technology entrepreneurs. The Advisory Board has four primary roles:

  • To provide development guidance on BEST activities to the Director and team
  • To mentor and identify connections for potential BEST technology entrepreneurs
  • To identify opportunities for BEST to increase its impact on Lassonde and York
  • To bring credibility to the BEST initiative (for example on web site or at conferences)



It is intended that there will be one formal meeting a year (likely over dinner). At this meeting, the Director will present a status update on activities, plans for the future and challenges/ opportunities. Updates and plans will be circulated in advance, so that the format is one of discussion.  Minutes of this meeting will only reflect agreed follow up items, so that the Director and Board members are accountable to each other. It is hoped that each Board member will be able to attend this meeting (or if not, provide some feedback and thoughts in advance).

In addition, there will a smaller quarterly meeting to:

  • Discuss issues (challenges/opportunities)
  • Identify how BEST can enhance (and measure) its impact
  • Help the Director prioritize opportunities