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The Lassonde School of Engineering is offering paid research positions for undergraduate students for the 2018 summer term as part of the Lassonde Undergraduate Research Awards (LURA) program.

BEST Program is offering 3 positions for undergraduate students as a part of LURA, please see below the details.


Dr. Andrew Maxwell


Project Description:

Three Related Innovation and Creativity Research Projects

Identifying participants needs, developing required resources and implementing 3 pilot programs in innovation and creativity

BEST’s mandate is transform the STEM educational experience at Lassonde, and use our innovative activities in this area to attract students to York. We have piloted the bootcamp with a small cohort of CWSF finalists and incoming Lassonde students, and the online eCampus course with a limited number of York region students. Based on the feedback from our pilot programs and our partner organizations, in the Summer of 2018, we plan to expand these programs, in partnership with YSC, SHAD, and other universities across Canada and the US, to scale up our impact across the country, expanding beyond our traditional mandate.

Offering Innovation and Creativity Course, STEM Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (YSC-BEST/Lassonde) and SHAD-Lassonde Program, in conjunction with YSC and SHAD on a national basis will assist high-school teachers to better engage with their students who are interested in participating in science fairs and entrepreneurial activities. In turn, this will encourage high school students to participate in Science fairs, and to pursue their STEM interest by furthering their education in science and engineering at university or college.

Application Link: http://www.lassondeundergraduateresearch.com/amp1

Applications are now open for students from all of York University’s faculties interested in joining Lassonde professors in fascinating summer research projects.

The students should submit an application for adjudication. The deadline is February 27.

All application procedures are outlined at http://www.lassondeundergraduateresearch.com/