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This is a bi-weekly webinar series, to help you come up with an innovative solution for your business problem caused by the pandemic.

About this Event

Braden Kelley is a pioneer of visual, collaborative methods for creating success across innovation, transformation, and change programs. Many of these tools are contained in the powerful Change Planning Toolkit™. In this workshop we’ll explore how Design Thinking is mis-applied and how to properly use it for co-innovation and transformation.

Most business leaders are driven by fear, not opportunity, and so they want to know THE answer and the best practices for getting there. Human behavior is messy and inconvenient and doesn’t fit neatly into a math problem. But, understanding human behavior is often the key to solving the difficult and complex problems that lead to the transformative growth and improvement opportunities that every organization is searching for to survive and thrive in our digital reality.

As a business methodology grounded in human behavior, Design Thinking is often misunderstood, and because executives are desperate for solutions to problems they don’t understand how to solve, Design Thinking is frequently misapplied.

Bringing empathy back to business, making time for creative stimulation, conducting many experiments, and identifying innovation opportunities are all things that Design Thinking can help with, but not everything is a hammer and not everything is a nail.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Achieve a deeper understanding of the Design Thinking methods
  • Develop new capabilities for identifying problems worth solving
  • Activate your design thinking mindset to avoid potential pitfalls
  • Identify new tools to drive innovation and transformation success