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Dr. Terry Sachlos
Dr. Terry SachlosAssociate Director - BEST

Dr. Terry Sachlos completed his doctorate in bone tissue engineering at the University if Oxford. His doctoral research resulted in the development of a novel 3D ink-jet printing technology for bone tissue engineering. During his postdoctoral tenure, he specialized in stem cells with Prof Bob Lanier at MIT, Prof Debra Auguste at Harvard University and more recently with Prof Mick Bhatia at McMaster University.

A serial entrepreneur having co-funded several start-up companies, Terry’s current endeavour is as the CSO of Bikanta corp – a Company developing fluorescent nano-diamonds as next generation medical imaging probes.

He brings his entrepreneurship experience to BEST and advises students on commercialization, startup strategy and fundraising. To date, Terry has first-authored or co-authored 14 peer-reviewed articles and filed 8 patents applications, all in the area of regenerative medicine. As part of a $26M stem cell screening initiative at McMaster, Terry spearheaded the development of a novel stem cell screening platform which culminated in a 2012 first- authored publication in the top-tier journal, Cell.