Project Description

Maedeh Sedaghat
Maedeh SedaghatProgram Officer - BEST

Maedeh has a Master’s in Business Administration and a Master Certificate in Project Management. She has more than 7 years of experience running Entrepreneurship Centres at Universities. She is passionate about creating multi-disciplinary experiential education opportunities for students so they can find their passions, have the best experience at University and make informed career decisions. Maedeh has managed International Experience Programs, Lectures, Seminars, Hackathons, Startup Experience Weekend, and other entrepreneurial events for more than 3000 students. 

Maedeh was awarded the Lassonde Citizenship Award (Employee of the Year at Lassonde School of Engineering) in 2019.

She is also interested in UN Sustainable Development Goals, and she has both taught and written about it.

If you are interested in joining or finding more out about BEST, please contact her at