Project Description

Who We Are

MATT is a simple to use, low-cost, non-invasive, computerized vision system that objectively and reproducibly measures gait/ balance mobility of a patient based on the standard Tinetti kinesiology assessment tool. Collaborating with York University Faculty Dr. R. Allison (CSE), Dr. L. Sergio (Health/Kinesiology), staff, and students we created the Mobility Assessment Technologies Tool (MATT).  MATT incorporates dual camera video technologies and a laptop computer running our analysis algorithms software suite.  MATT measures a patient’s mobility from their four-minute performance of: sit, stand, turn around, walk and sit back down.

Our Team

Dr. Frank E BunnPresident
Ph.D. Associates Inc. was incorporated in 1976 and lead by its president Dr. Frank E. Bunn, the company provides computer consulting services specializing in the acquisition of data, the analysis of data, and the interpretation of data to produce clear information products. The newly registered company, Mobility Assessment Technologies, will market MATT.

Current Status

The first hospital installation of MATT will be with the Southlake Regional Health Centre for daily operation tracking the rehabilitation of out-patients.  The aim is to market MATT as the mobility tracking tool of choice for medical professionals working with injured, ill, and recovering patients.

Contact Information

Please contact Dr. Frank Bunn, for further information.