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How might we keep students engaged with mental health and well-being supports in an online/virtual environment at a post-secondary institution?

Challenge Summary

Promoting student wellness is a key aspect of promoting student success. University can be a challenging time to maintain optimal physical and mental health amidst the high-stress academic environment. COVID-19 has added a new layer to student wellness. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen an increase in mental health challenges among students and subsequently an increased need for wellness resources (Son et al., 2020). Isolation, uncertainty, working in the online environment, and more have taken a toll on the mental and physical health of students. It is also vital that students create good habits to promote wellness while in university, so they can carry these habits forward into their careers.

Having high-quality wellness resources and wellness programming is only the first step in promoting student wellness. Another key factor, arguably the most important, is getting students to engage with the available resources. As we transition into a hybrid model of both in-person and online programming, how might we increase engagement with wellness resources to increase student wellness and success?

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Student Counselling, Health, and Well-being (SCHW) provides health education, mental health counselling, and well-being services to York University students, as well as acting as a resource for staff and faculty partners.

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