Project Description

Who We Are

Treasured is on a journey to build a web-based platform that unites families around the world to collaborate on their history, preserve their legacies, and experience storytelling interactively. Our social vision is to help older adults and grand parents tell their story to the next generation.
Treasured Inc. has graduated from LaunchYU’s AccelerateUP program, and YEDI Accelerator Spring 2018 Cohort.

Our Team

Vito GiovannettiCEO
Nikita VarabeiCTO

Vito Giovannetti CEO and Nikita Varabei CTO of Treasured are the most passionate Canadians in the World when it comes to the intersection of family history, storytelling and technology.  They are inspired by the immigrant story to Canada and the impact it has on preserving family history. Using technology, Vito and Nikita are building out a vision to help family’s around the world connect and preserve family history for future generations. Utilizing their expertise in business and software development, Vito and Nikita have discovered an inventive way to experience someone’s life story and perspective. Treasured aims to help older adults and seniors tell their story as this demographic has the greatest urgency to do so. The Treasured platform aims to become a dedicated place for families to create products that have life-time value and will transcend generations into the future. The team is committed to creating a human experience that is digestible across various technology centered mediums.

Current Status

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Contact Information

Vito Giovannetti or Nikita Varabei – Treasured Co-Founders