ENTR 4500 – Entrepreneurship and Technology Ventures


Course Overview: This course explores various dimensions of the creation of new technology ventures. Its main objective is to provide the student with an understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing an entrepreneur in the process of creating a technology-based business. The course provides the opportunity to develop a cohesive and effective [...]

ENTR 3600 – Business Essentials for Technology Entrepreneurs II


An extension of ENTR 3400, the course is divided into three modules: Accounting Module The Accounting Module aims to develop students’ understanding of the fundamentals of financial accounting. It focuses on teaching students how to create the financial reports required in a business plan. This module has four organizing [...]

ENTR 3400 – Business Essentials for Technology Entrepreneurs I


Course Overview: Business Essentials for Technology Entrepreneurs I (ENTR 3400) is a course designed to teach Lassonde Engineering students with the fundamental skills to utilize their engineering skills and start their own tech venture. Turn Your Ideas Into a Reality In 2007, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia [...]

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