Experiencing Israel

Tel’ Aviv

 Tel’Aviv outgrew the ancient port of Old Jaffa, with powder beaches our teams would take 5am runs in the sand to watch the sunrise over the cityscape.

En Gedi

Beneath a 46º sun we found a small oasis waterfall in the desert mountains. En Gedi is a nature reserve, filled with desert animals taking shelter from a harsh desert.


Masada walks through 2 paths of history, the fortress of an ancient King Herod and 70 years after Herod, the Jewish farmers turned rebel to resist Roman siege.

Dead Sea

Lowest point on earth with a 34% salt content, our teams found it effortless to experience floating in the mineral water.


A city founded over 5500 years ago, Jerusalem is rich in the history is many cultures.


Built upon the Mount Carmel and founded in part by Albert Einstein, The Technion welcomed our students openly to meet with students and professors.

Druze Village

Art alleyways and a welcome village of the Druze people welcomed our students in the mountains of the Galilee.


Dotted with ancient crusader fortresses, across the bay from Haifa, Acre tells history from the crusades to defending against Napolean.

Sea of Galilee

The only fresh water lake in Israel, the Sea of Galilee is fed from the river Jordan and continues on to the Dead Sea. It transforms the northern Galilee from desert into a lush land.

In Class Experience

The classroom life was a critical stage of the International Experiential Learning course. We were engaged by industry professionals with presentations that focused on their lived experiences in startup entrepreneurship, but also in how they approached their markets, pivoted, and at times started fresh.

“It is better to lose a good idea than waste time on a bad idea.” is a nice sound bite on its own, but when paired with the real mistakes that successful entrepreneurs have made, you learn the importance of their lessons and how precious your time is.

Each day we would reflect to the class the progress, pivots, and steps our teams were working on. This let us learn from each other and internalize the lessons of the day, we could display their immediate action. In short the classroom life was dynamic and evolved throughout the course as we grew into our teams.

Pitch Contest

The 2018 International Experiential Learning course was exposed to two pitch contests, our own and the Tel’Aviv University, Coller School of Management contest. The pitch contest was what we worked toward all trip. From in-class practice, to pitching to each other on the bus, our pitches grew in days from school project quality to content worthy of venture capitalist investment.

On pitch day we stand in a polished board room amongst our peers and successful entrepreneurs presenting our polished presentations. It’s the culmination of everything we’ve worked for over the course. The judges are hard and critical, but it is to build us up, to mirror the questions and feedback real investors would give.

The Tel’Aviv contest galvanized our ideas. As students we expect this to come as more lessons, to see the pitches of real startups competing for real money. However as a student in the audience, we can see the lessons we just learned in their presentations. We can recognize their mistakes. We recognize our ideas are worth much more than we thought. They show us we could make a startup happen.

How to Apply?

Every Lassondian is eligible to apply to be one of the 25 students selected for the Lassonde-Technion Summer Program. Application is by a competitive process. You must complete and submit the application form. If your application is successful, we will invite you for a short interview.

Only qualified students are allowed to register for the course.

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